"Once I came up with the idea for Threadworlds and spent some time thinking about its main character, Nova, it became less of a choice and more of something I simply had to do. The things Nova wants to learn, I want to learn. I am compelled to go on this journey with her and explore these worlds together."
—Bryan Konietzko about Threadworlds
Bryan Konietzko
Bryan Konietzko
Birth date June 1, 1975
Occupation Animation director

Bryan Konietzko is an American animation director, writer, and artist. He is the creator of Threadworlds. He is also widely known as the co-creator of Avatar: The Last Airbender, it's sequel series called Avatar: The Legend of Korra, with Michael Dante DiMartino.

Konietzko was also a character designer for Family Guy and also as an assistant director for the series Mission Hill and King of the Hill. He also worked as an art director and storyboard artist for Nickelodeon's animated series Invader Zim.

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