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What exactly will Threadworlds be?

Bryan Konietzko widely known as being the co-creator of the very beloved Avatar franchise filed a few copyrights for what could be a potential upcoming animated television series!

Now according to the Threadworlds wordpress blog, written by Keval (who you all might know from avatarthelegendofkorraonline.com):

As the description cites, Threadworlds is Bryan’s “fantasy, science fiction and adventure” program. The trademark covers both animated and live action programs/films, which means Bryan would own rights to both the animated and live action film/television versions of Threadworlds. This was likely done to avoid the chances of a bad Hollywood film adaption of Threadworlds if the series truly took off.

You can thank M. Night Shyamalan for that precaution.

The other four Threadworlds trademarks cover Bryan’s rights to ownership over any merchandise: printed matter (comic books, novels, trading cards, etc.), digital media (DVD’s, and CD’s), games (actions figures, toys etc.) and clothing.

Threadworlds appears to be Bryan’s new world outside of the Avatar universe. Any further news we receive about this project will likely come from Bryan’s Tumblr if/when he confirms it and/or Comic-Con next month.

What do you guys want Threadworlds to be exactly? What type of show would you like to see?

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Well at least I was right about the interconnecting worlds. I'm so excited about this. The illustrations look so beautiful, the landscapes are exceptional. And the little bunny heroine, I can already tell I'm going to love her. Bryan has proved his writing capability time after time in A:TLA and LoK (perfect example in Korra Alone) so I fully trust that the writing will be amazing. Like seriously, where do I preorder?

So, it looks like Bryan isn't finished with it just yet. According to the EW article:

Currently, I’m writing the first volume, while doing art concepts and designs. The significant time management challenge will come next year when I’ll be in the thick of illustrating this one while writing the second volume.

So probably next year it'll be available for pre-order. I'm very excited about this though, even with the 2017 wait. Bryan got copyrights for literally everything, so I'm thinking it'll be eventually adapted into an animated series.

Yes, I read that. :) 

If it gets adapted to an animated series I will probably poop my pants (sorry I know that's disgusting, but I'm just excited). 

I saw you added the cover art, are you planning on uploading the other images? Is there an image naming policy around here? 

Also, what publsihing company is he contracted with? Or is he self publishing? 

Yeah, I'm about to get to designs, policies, the whole enchilada setup.

Sounds great. It's good for you that you started this wiki at the very birth of the series, that way you can gradualy add content. I think this has the potential to be an awesome wiki. 

Yeah, that's what I was thinking! And thanks :P

Sure thing! I wish you the best of luck with this. :D

this comic book is about 2 Wabbits going on adventure. i'm going to get this book.

You know, I think I actually just read that they are supposed to be more like kangaroos, but that's still pretty cute! :3

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