Bryan Konietzko widely known as being the co-creator of the very beloved Avatar franchise filed a few copyrights for what could be a potential upcoming animated television series!

Now according to the Threadworlds wordpress blog, written by Keval (who you all might know from

As the description cites, Threadworlds is Bryan’s “fantasy, science fiction and adventure” program. The trademark covers both animated and live action programs/films, which means Bryan would own rights to both the animated and live action film/television versions of Threadworlds. This was likely done to avoid the chances of a bad Hollywood film adaption of Threadworlds if the series truly took off.

You can thank M. Night Shyamalan for that precaution.

The other four Threadworlds trademarks cover Bryan’s rights to ownership over any merchandise: printed matter (comic books, novels, trading cards, etc.), digital media (DVD’s, and CD’s), games (actions figures, toys etc.) and clothing.

Threadworlds appears to be Bryan’s new world outside of the Avatar universe. Any further news we receive about this project will likely come from Bryan’s Tumblr if/when he confirms it and/or Comic-Con next month.

What do you guys want Threadworlds to be exactly? What type of show would you like to see?